It can sometimes be an overused term but, at The Woodlands, our wonderful staff really are our greatest asset. They work hard to ensure that our residents enjoy life at The Woodlands.

We currently employ 25 staff members, all training to achieve their Quality Care Framework (“QCF”) qualifications. Seven have achieved  QCF2, ten have achieved QCF 3 and three have attained the top level of QCF4. Their responsibilities include meeting the personal care requirements of the residents, assisting residents’ with their activities, laundry, catering and other domestic duties, but primarily the happiness and welfare of everyone.

staffOur experienced and highly respected Manager is Michele Dheere (pictured left in the photograph), Her prime concern is the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of our residents. She is supported by our Deputy Manager, Jayne Wright (pictured right), and our Senior Carers, Elizabeth Rueda and Sue Brown, who both bring a wealth of experience and kindness to their roles.

Many of our staff have been with The Woodlands for a number of years and we are proud of their close relationships with residents and the continuity of care that our low turnover of staff affords. In addition to our qualified staff, we are also pleased to offer training to the next generation of carers by employing apprentices from time to time through the government apprenticeship scheme. A number have been appointed to the qualified caring staff, and one of whom we have recently been proud to promote to a Senior Carer.

An important factor in the welfare of our residents is the development of an open and trusting relationship between the staff and the resident’s family. Moving into residential care is often a difficult and stressful decision for an elderly person and for their relatives and friends. We are very conscious of the responsibility placed on us to care for each individual to the best of our abilities and we do our utmost to fulfil those expectations.


If you would like to visit us, meet our Manager, Michele Dheere, and the staff, and learn from our residents how they are cared for at The Woodlands, please contact Michele on 0151 632 4724.

Alternatively, if you think you may be the right person to join our dedicated team of carers, please also contact Michele.