June 2017 Inspection

Our March 2014 CQC inspection report demonstrated that The Woodlands was assessed as meeting each and every one of the essential standards of quality and safety.

In our February 2016 CQC inspection report we achieved “Good” for the service of “Caring”, about which we were pleased as it is the core of our offering at The Woodlands, but were asked to improve the standard of service for the other categories that were inspected. (Overall Location Rating: “Requires Improvement”). This was extremely surprising and disappointing to everyone – the owners, the manager and staff, and the residents and their families. We were very unhappy that the CQC inspector appeared to focus on “systems and procedures”, at the expense of the quality of the care that is offered at The Woodlands, and we all communicated our concerns to CQC.

That said, we accept we need to satisfy CQC that all of our systems and procedures meet all of its expectations, and we have instituted measures to address CQC’s comments. CQC returned to The Woodlands in June 2017; we await the final report but are confident it will demonstrate the result of these efforts, in addition to plenty of positive comments about the high quality of care provided at The Woodlands by our wonderful staff.

Michael Russell

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