Q: May I come and look at The Woodlands?

A: Absolutely! Prospective residents are warmly encouraged to visit The Woodlands with your families or friends, tour the Home and chat with the staff and other residents. You are also very welcome to join us for coffee, lunch and tea.

Q: Can I “try it out” before I make a decision?

A: Prospective residents are also very welcome to stay at The Woodlands for a trial period, without obligation, subject to the availability of a room. During this time you and your family can assess whether The Woodlands meets your needs before any long term contract is signed. If you then choose to move into The Woodlands on a permanent basis, it helps to ensure the smoothest of transitions.

Q: What can I expect from residential care?

A: Residential Care offers everything you would enjoy in your own home, with the domestic chores taken care of, and additional services and activities provided for you, by our staff. 

Q: Can I bring my own furniture and possessions?

A: Yes, we encourage residents to bring as much of their furniture and personal items as they would like, in order that they feel that they are “home from home”. 

Q: Is there a choice at mealtimes?

A: Yes, Residents enjoy a varied menu of appetising and home-cooked food, and there are regular deliveries of fresh produce. The Woodlands even has its own hens to provide the morning eggs! We offer vegetarian options and cater for specific dietary needs such as diabetic and gluten-free diets, as required.

 Q: Do you offer Respite Care?

A: Yes, if we have a room available we are very happy to offer respite care by the day, to provide a break for the respite resident, and his/her carer. We would normally expect this to be for a minimum of five days but are flexible to individual needs. Respite care comprises all the services, amenities and activities of residential care. It is also an excellent opportunity to experience life at The Woodlands for those who may be considering residential care. 

Q: Do you offer Day Care?

A: Yes, we are happy to offer Day Care, welcoming the individual after breakfast, and providing coffee, lunch and tea, as well as including the person in that day’s activities.

In essence, the “Day Care” individual will enjoy all the facilities available to our permanent residents.

 Q: Do you offer Nursing Care?

A: The Woodlands is a residential home rather than a nursing home. We have chosen not to seek the CQC registration required to offer nursing care.

Q: Are you able to cater for Residents with Dementia?

A: Yes. Indeed, the owners’ mother, who has been resident at The Woodlands since 2013, is living with Alzheimer’s. The Woodlands is registered to provide care to those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, and our staff have undertaken specialist training.

Q: What are the fees?

A: Fee levels depend upon the size of the room, and whether it is ‘en-suite’. The fees (as at March 2017) range from £2500-£3000 per calendar month. The monthly fee covers all of the accommodation, care, laundry and meal costs, as well as all of the activities and outings arranged for the residents.

Q: Are there any ‘extras’?

A: The only additional costs are for personal professional services such as hairdressing or podiatry. The Woodlands staff are very happy to make bookings and arrangements on request. 

Q: Do you take residents who are funded by Social Services?

A: Most of our residents are privately-funded. but we do take residents who are funded by Social Services as long as a “top up” rate is paid by the resident or his/her family.

This is because the rates paid by Social Services do not cover the costs of the services, particularly for the levels of care that we provide at The Woodlands.